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The Mother of All Voting Systems?

Form of Ballot to be used in Tally Let a ballot (to be called an executable ballot) consist of an ordered list of rules. A rule consists of two parts: head and tail. A rule head consists of a Boolean combination of constraints concerning … Continue reading

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Lack of Democracy in Major Parties

In 2016 the “Democratic” National Committee showed no interest in polling the membership of their party to determine levels of support for the candidates for the nomination for President of the United States. The Republican National Committee lacked the knowledge … Continue reading

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Voting-System Reform Is Not Technical Tweaking

This is my response to and to all others who belittle the idea of voting-system reform and call it technical meddling or tweaking. The piece is in deep error where it mentions “technique” and “technical meddling”. Technique is about different … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Ziohazard

“Where Trump agrees with the US money-and-war party is on Israel and Iran. He started with a policy of more neutrality towards the Israel-Palestine conflict, but soon backed out when the attack-dogs went into action with a $50 million gift … Continue reading

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“Election helps bring into view serious issues in polling”

Want to spread this writing from Sam Husseini:

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Equal-Weighted Voting

You don’t have democracy unless your voting system gives the same amount of influence over the outcome (same amount of political power) to every voter regardless of the voter’s opinion on the candidates. A voting system is undemocratic if and … Continue reading

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The Argument from Democracy

Supporters of IRV: 1. You cannot prove that IRV accords equal power to all voters regardless of the voters’ valuations of the candidacies. But such equality can be proved of Score Voting. 2. Given that you support an undemocratic voting … Continue reading

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