Lack of Democracy in Major Parties

In 2016 the “Democratic” National Committee showed no interest in polling the membership of their party to determine levels of support for the candidates for the nomination for President of the United States. The Republican National Committee lacked the knowledge of how to poll theirs. The result is that the two major parties nominated the least popular candidates in history.

A friend replied:

Yeah, you have to realize that there is no requirement for any party to be democratic. You and I can say, let’s be the PURPLE party, and you and I can make up any rules we want as to how we pick which of us gets to be run for president. We have no requirement to ask the public what they think. I tend to vote Democratic, but the democratic party has NO legal requirement to ask me what it wants to do. No one every said it was fair! Political parties are not part of the constitution.

The problem, however, is if they pick a candidate that fails to win, then they are going to loose support in the voting population and fade out to obscurity. They made the wrong pick for this election cycle. Fine choice in normal times, but these didn’t turn to be normal times.

I responded:

The States recognize the parties and give them special ballot status without the same requirements that fall on independent candidates and small parties. Consequently the whole system is antidemocratic. Moreover, even if there is no requirement for democracy internal to the party, it is in the parties’ interests (or those of the membership) to pick a candidate that will be strong against the other party in the general. For that reason, it may make sense to sell democracy to party members, if they aren’t too stupid to grasp reason.

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