UN Rights Panel Called for Assange Release in 2016

From the New York Times:

A United Nations rights panel said in January 2016 that Britain and Sweden had arbitrarily detained Mr. Assange, should restore his freedom of movement and should compensate him. The panel said that Swedish prosecutors had not pressed charges and had never shown Mr. Assange evidence against him or given him a chance to respond. …

link into NYT

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1 Response to UN Rights Panel Called for Assange Release in 2016

  1. This is extremely important since, yet again, it shows how the US, and the European Imperialist governments are Rogue nations violating UN’s resolutions and decisions. This should be contrasted with the code words”international community”used by the these governments and western corporate media to refer to themselves in attacking nations and governments of the global south when those governments are not subjugating themselves to the imperialist world order.
    US last week refused to cooperate with the International Criminal Court’s investigation into possible war crimes by US in Afghanistan and Iraq. They went as far as revoking the visa of the judge heading the ICC as if she were a criminal.

    At a time when US does not cooperate with ICC on crimes in killing civilians in Iraq, it dovetails with trying to bring criminal charges against a journalist who, in fact, exposed the US war crimes in Iraq by publishing information from a US whistle blower (Manning).

    US did everything in Ecuador to bring to power a right wing pro US government to power so that Assange’s asylum would be revoked. After the coming to power of the new president in Ecuador, while waiting for expulsion of Assange, the US called Manning into a grand Jury, yet again, investigating Assange. Manning refused to answer any questions and said she had already been tried and answered all questions and been in jailed and now free. She was convicted of contempt of court and has been jailed.

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