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Can Capitalism Be Made Good, Or Do We Need To Substitute Something Else Altogether?

I would like my Socialist and Communist friends to give their responses to the following writing that comes from a friend of mine, and I’m quoting from here on: The only hardcore real workable engineering solution I’ve seen, to fixing … Continue reading

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Erroneous Treatment of Un-indicated Candidates

The purpose of this post is to argue against the variant of Score Voting (Range Voting) proposed by Donald Arthur Kronos, Ph.D.. The reason I argue is to provide you with the benefit of my knowledge and understanding.  The tool … Continue reading

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Links on Approval Voting

Definition/Explanation The voting system that almost all official elections in the US use, both for State and Federal offices, is called Plurality Voting.  In Plurality Voting, a voter must vote against all the candidates except one.  Approval Voting removes the … Continue reading

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