The Argument from Democracy

Supporters of IRV:

1. You cannot prove that IRV accords equal power to all voters regardless of the voters’ valuations of the candidacies. But such equality can be proved of Score Voting.

2. Given that you support an undemocratic voting system, where is your analysis leading to a conclusion that your favored party or faction would be the ones that the system would give more power to, per voter, rather than to the adherents to two-party dominance?

3. Given that you do not have an analysis showing who would be the ones to benefit (out of proportion to their numbers), why do you not fear that the self-proclaimed “Democrats” and the Republicans would be the ones to benefit, out of proportion to their numbers? Wouldn’t it make good sense to advocate for a voting system you know for sure won’t benefit Republicans and self-proclaimed “Democrats”?

4. Even if you have an analysis to show that IRV or any other particular undemocratic system would your favored party or faction more voting power, per voter, than it would accord other voters, doesn’t that make it impossible to sell your favored voting system to a wide public? Isn’t the best case that can be made for convincing a large proportion of the population to support a given voting system, that that voting system is democratic?


A way to cite this piece: But wouldn’t it be safer to advocate for a democratic voting system rather than IRV?

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