Not Going to Vote for Evil?

You hold US citizenship and you say you won’t consent to the system by choosing between the Republican and “Democratic” nominees? You just won’t vote? Do you think that simply sitting out the election will change the system? If you don’t like it, why not do something about it? I never hear anyone proposing a plan of action to create real choice in elections. So, here goes.

I propose that those of us who are fed up:

  1. Organize, State by State.
  2. End the power of the parties to decide anything about who is on the ballot in public elections, or who can run in them. What justification can you cite for allowing the parties to retain this power?
  3. Institute a system of public elections that would resist any spoiler effect or vote splitting. Our goal? Real choice in elections and real people power instead of kleptocracy.

Appendix — Blurbs

Not going to vote for evil?

Do you think that refraining from voting for evil is the most you can do toward separating it from power?

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