Money/Fame in Elections

People need to understand the key to money in politics.

Given that it costs almost nothing for a candidate to publish her policy positions on the WWW, why do legislators spend so much time dialing for dollars? Why is it that the first thing the newspapers say about a candidate is how much money the campaign has collected? Voters only consider the two candidates who have the most money. This is because the voters are seeking a bandwagon to join, that is attracting many other voters. Voters do that in the current system because they know that what little political power they have will go to waste otherwise. This comes about due to the math caused by the English-style ballot, where you have to support one candidate and oppose the others. The English ballot makes it so that the supporters of a candidate have more power in proportion to their numbers than the voters who oppose that candidate so much that they would be happier with any of the other candidates. The English ballot violates your rights as a voter. In for example a field of 10 candidates, if you would choose to support 9 of them and oppose the other one, that should be your right. You have just as much right to do that as someone who wants to do the opposite, whose vote would cancel yours in effect. Claim your right. Claim your equal power in the voting booth. Defeat the English-style ballot in the US once and for all.

In the case of Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination for President in 2016, fame substituted for money, as the attractor. But the math worked out the same way. As a consequence of the continued use by the Republican Party of the English-style ballot in the party’s primaries, the party fell into a system that selected the most famous candidate even though the consensus choice of the rank and file would have been John Kasich, as evidenced by Approval-style polls. The stupid DINOS are all about impeaching Trump, and their idiotic supporters cite all kinds of objections to Mr. Trump’s character, in favor of the impeachment move. But they are all distracting away from the real story, which is that any continuation of the use of English-style ballots in the US guarantees that every President will be worse than the previous one. So defeat and destroy the English-style ballot in its use in primary elections in the US once and for all!

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