Mueller Report and Anti-Democratic US Politics

According to secondary reporting, the infamous Mueller report alleging Russian “meddling” in the 2016 US presidential election, states that the GRU, an organ of the Russian government, “stole” e-mails from the self-proclaimed “Democratic” National Committee (“D”NC) with the intention of publishing those e-mails. Use your logic. What would be the point of publishing these e-mails unless they had public interest? None. And why did they have public interest? You and I know that the reason that these e-mails would draw public interest is that these e-mails showed that the “D”NC was conspiring with the Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) campaign to cheat the supporters of Senator Sanders out of the political power in the “Democratic” primary elections that those supporters deserved on account of their numbers. Even if this “theft” of e-mails was technically illegal, the larger ethical consideration should see that stealing from people who are thieves in the first place might be a good thing in the net. In this case, the “D”NC stole from a subset of the rank and file of their party, their rightful political power. The significance that Americans should take from these events is that something about the system of government and elections in the US is very anti-democratic in terms of the power it hands to certain supposed party officials to steal the elections from the public at large and from the working class. And speaking of class, what class may think it will benefit from a drumbeat of propaganda against Russia? That would be the 1% of the 1%, who want a war, either a low-level war or a hot war. I call on all Americans to separate this tiny minority from power whose interests conflict with your own interest in survival. And in doing so, you can cite the Mueller report as an indirect indictment of what is happening in the US that prevents the working class form their rightful political power as justified by their numbers.

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