“Abolish ICE”?

Some members of the “Democratic” Party are now saying “abolish ICE”. When ICE was established in 2003 as a part of Homeland Security in response to the 9-11 shock, the “Democratic” Party leadership/congresscreatures did not oppose it. The Homeland Security Dept. was established through Congress. And in fact the Patriarch Act was the medium to change the American government vis-a-vis its own people, taking rights from American citizens. There was some hue and cry there, but it became the American law and continued under the implementation of the Patriarch Act domestically and internationally and ICE is a small part of the huge Homeland Security, which the organization implementing the Patriarch Act against the American people. The enforcement of border security has always been one of the duties of the American administration, whether prior to or after the Act. The “Democrats” have been involved in the various aspects of the regulations that have been passed regarding border protection. In 2003, INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services) was the agency facilitating the legal process of immigration for anyone who wanted to become an immigrant in the US on the route to naturalization. But after the passage in the wake of 9-11 of the Patriarch Act and the organization of Homeland Security, the INS was changed into ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). So it seems that the message emphasized by its name changed from facilitating legal immigration and naturalization to emphasizing enforcement of border security. Again, this was agreed upon by the “Democrats” as well as the Republicans and also was the law for eight years under President Obama. Now, if with Mr. Trump’s position that he’s going to enforce the law to the maximum with zero tolerance, some people have come to see some problems with the implementation of the law, they should logically and calmly go through the process of changing the law instead of creating hysteria. In fact, “zero tolerance” is a phrase introduced to not just the US not “justice” system but also to American society in general, where it has received acceptance. People developed “zero tolerance” for behaviors of children in schools. How can we have no compassion for our children behaving badly in school but become hysterical over a zero-tolerance policy at the border. People have been subjected to “zero tolerance” at their workplace, at their schools, and definitely in the criminal justice system. Now the “Democrats” and their followers have raised a slogan of “Abolish ICE”, which is meaningless. What’s the process of abolishing an agency in the executive branch? Why aren’t the “Democrats” coming up with a specific plan for reforming ICE, maybe changing it back into something like IRS? But it has to be an organized plan and it may or may not win votes. If you are going to “Abolish ICE”, what are you going to do with the workers? And if you are going to abolish ICE, who’s going to take care of all the legal immigrants, hundreds of thousands of them, waiting in line for the processing of their applications? And who’s going to take care of the undocumented immigrant children who cross the border unaccompanied? It’s the ICE that takes care of them. You may not like the way ICE does it — then correct it. That’s why the slogan is again empty, meaningless, and just another rhetoric in their partisan politics to get some more votes in the next congressional elections. It has no content, validity, or meaning in improving the conditions of American people or the immigrants.

“Abolish ICE”? How about “Abolish Patriarch Act”?

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