US vs. Morals

US citizens should require their government officials to behave morally in foreign and domestic policy. The citizens should require that current and former officials of the US government who engaged the country’s name and resources in torture or aggressive war should be imprisoned. Any honest assessment of Mr. Obama’s service in office should hold him accountable for his failure to have his Justice Department follow up on whatever evidence or credible allegations they could find to the effect that current and former US officials engaged in or ordered such crimes, with a view to prosecution should the evidence warrant.

People who promote the idea attributed to the mythical character “Abraham” that a certain kind of god exists, say that this supposed god knows right from wrong and has the power to make things right. If these assertions on the part of those proponents were both meaningful and true, one would have to conclude that this god deserves judgment for having permitted US war crimes and torture when he could have prevented them.

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