Disagree with Trump’s Actions?

I want to encourage those who disagree with Trump’s actions in office to think of systems, not persons.

Ask yourself whether the US has a good way to choose who becomes President. And answer yourself, no it does not. It’s anti-democratic and rather too random. From among the Republican clown car, Trump wasn’t the most approved. He only won with a plurality. Plurality elections do not reflect levels of approval. Vast improvement is possible. In this connection I particularly want to draw your attention to the Smith argument. The wealthy have the power, and a different system would take away their special power and cause all citizens to have equal power. For those of you arguing from the difficulty of changing the system to one that might be seen to work against those already in power, yes, your point has some validity. However, the problem of taking power might not be wholly impossible to solve, and before trying to change the system, it’s necessary to educate people about what kind of change would be adequate to produce better results than the current system does, with a radical difference. So I’m urging you to read and understand what Warren D. Smith points out and his reasoning for his position. I consider this reasoning to be key to understanding how to create a democratic republic.

In addition to the matter of how the person to fill the Presidency is chosen, I want you to think about how much power the office has. Should the people reduce that power and move some of it to the legislative branch of government? Should there be one president for domestic enforcement and another for foreign policy? Should the presidency be held by a seven-person executive council, as they do in Switzerland?

The Declaration of Independence says that when the people are not satisfied with the form of their government, they have a right to change it. How bad do things have to become before you start to consider and discuss exercising this right?

Please do not  focus on how horrible you may think Trump is,  nor how wonderful you may think Bernie or someone else is. Cults of personality won’t solve the public problems.  Calling the officers and owners of large corporations “greedy” is misplacing your focus. If you describe the problem as one of the character of individual persons, that leads your listeners to suppose that the solutions that will work will address themselves to character. Such solutions won’t work; they won’t scale. Focus instead on systems, and systemic change. Peoples’ behavior is substantially shaped by what system they operate within, and by the rules of the game they have to play in order to stay alive and raise offspring. In politics and in economics, focus on the systems.

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