Debating The Accusations Against Russia Distracts From The Real Problems

[ Update 2017-01-08:

I’ve come across another writer with a somewhat similar point to mine. Caitlin Johnstone says:

The correct response to “Russia hacked the election!” isn’t “Oh yeah? Prove it!” The correct response is, “Our government actively sabotages any candidate who wants to help ordinary Americans put food on their table. That is infinitely more dangerous and outrageous.”


Original post by me 2016-12-20:

I write the present post to protest against the onslaught of anti-Russian bullshit in the US that the self-styled “Democrats” and the lamestream media are propagating. It’s about the worst bout of misleading and wrong propaganda I have seen, and I guess I would have started to notice things like that around the age of 10, which arrived for me in the early ’60’s. Of course, there was McCarthyism, and the current hysteria makes no more good sense than that did.

Now these pernicious propagandists are saying daily and in many voices that the government of Russia “hacked” the e-mails of the “Democratic” National Committee, and that thereby it (and specifically President Putin) “interfered” with the US electoral system, and that so interfering amounts to a coup, and that the US system is a “democracy” and that this supposed interference works against democracy. All of these assertions are wrong.

Whoever did expose Ms. Wasserman Schultz and the “Democratic” National Committee as what they are, in actuality an antidemocratic national committee, did democracy a service, not a disservice. The “DNC” and Ms. Wasserman Schultz ran a crooked campaign in the primary season so that the contest of ideas would not be fair.

Some say to me, the “Democratic” Party is a private organization and they have the right to make their internal decisions as they see fit. This is not in essence true. Every State (so far as I know) in this United States of ALEC (and so far as I know, the District of Columbia as well) accords to the “Democratic” and Republican parties the power to put a name on each ballot for political office, a power that said States and DC deny to other parties unless such parties take the time to gather signatures. This power makes the Republican and self-styled “Democrat” decision-making processes in effect parts of the political system, and therefore, a matter of public interest. This special ballot access by the major parties (which I oppose) makes them responsible to participate in a democratic way. When they don’t, then their actions amount to an attack on democracy. If they know better (and I credit the Republicans with probably not knowing better), then their actions are immoral and reprehensible. Whoever exposes antidemocratic secrets serves democracy by such exposing.

Then on top of all that, there is no evidence that the Russian government did anything. The likely purposes of accusing them are to whip up hysteria so the accusers can sell more bombs, aircraft, etc., and to distract from “Democratic” national committee criminality.

Now some say to me, that it doesn’t matter how the self-styled “Democratic” national committee ran their primary season, on the grounds that the only contest in that primary was that between Mrs. Clinton and Senator Sanders, and that Sanders showed his true colors when he endorsed Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. And I agree that those were his true colors. However, the principle is what matters, that the political system of the US must become a contest of ideas rather than some other kind of power struggle or game. Every part of the mechanism that works against democracy deserves to be exposed and rooted out.

Some of my interlocutors say that they oppose democracy for central North America. They call it mob rule and so on. My response is to ask, what grounds do you have for denying me equal political power to your own, because that is the essence of what you stand for. I assert a civil right to equal political power. Any system that would sort people according to whether they should have power deserves suspicion. Maybe you just want to use political power to enrich yourselves and assure the your family proliferates and mine dies out so you can eat the resources of the earth and leave us none. To hell with that; you should have to share or get out. And on top of that, we have a common interest in reducing waste and in trying to raise the probability of the survival of the human species for longer than just a few years. Why should I accept that you are wiser than I am in deciding about how to achieve those common goals?

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