Anti-IRV Videos and Literature

IRV advocates, do you want other localities to repeat the experience of Burlington, Vt.? They tried IRV and then repealed it and went back to FPTP. I fear that bad experience with IRV will turn people off to much-needed real reform.

Favorite Betrayal in Plurality and Instant Runoff Voting
(which entails spoiler in IRV)

Spoiler effect in IRV

SJVoter again!
“Instant Runoff Voting – Every Vote Counts!” (but the outcome isn’t for the best)

Favorite betrayal and other critiques of IRV

Refutations of false or misleading claims by Howard Dean about Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), by Warren D. Smith

refutation of Cobb / Green-party pro-IRV video, by Warren D. Smith:


A way to cite this compilation:

Instant Runoff Voting (now deceptively referred to as “Ranked-choice Voting”) is not all it’s cracked up to be. Choose Score Voting instead.

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