How To Get Somebody You Can Vote For

A commentator on YouTube said, “GIVE US SOMEONE WE CAN VOTE FOR!”.

My reply:

We want to give you someone you can vote for. To do that, we have to defeat the current system first. In the current system, a tiny minority who have conflicts of interest with the public good, hold all political power. To maintain this power while creating an illusion of legitimacy, this tiny minority carries out a certain scheme. They put up two organizations that are called political parties. In the regards that matter most (torture, aggressive war, etc.), these “parties” are in agreement with each other. But they posture as being in disagreement with each other on various policy matters and they debate these endlessly in public, each villifying the other over them. They convince half the electorate that letting a Republican get elected is the worst possible outcome, and that the only way to prevent the Republican from getting elected is to vote for a Democrat. They convince the other half of the electorate that allowing a liberal Democrat to be elected is the worst possible outcome and that the only way to prevent the Democrat from being elected is to vote for the Republican. And they pump millions of dollars into propaganda about how evil the Democrat and the Republican are so that everyone will vote against one or the other of them, whichever they fear the most. And indeed, both are evil. The ads aren’t lying, when it comes to how evil these candidates are. And in a sense, they aren’t lying, when they imply that the only way to vote against one evil is to vote for the other. The Plurality election system sets up a Prisoner’s Dilemma (please look up “prisoner’s dilemma” in the context of game theory). If a voter votes for a candidate they believe in instead of the Republican or a Democrat, the plurality election system will waste that voter’s vote. So, when a candidate wants to promote good ideas and talk up these ideas instead of attacking another candidate, that candidate can’t get an audience, because everyone knows that a vote for that candidate would be wasted. That candidate can’t even be heard. They are not part of the conversation. People don’t listen to arguments when they have no rational way to act on those arguments even if convinced by them. And Plurality Voting bars the way to any such action. So, I’m asking for your support for Approval Voting, so that people with good ideas for government can be heard and can be elected.

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