Curt Welch on Ayn Rand

The point here is that Any Rand, was effectively abused as a child, in the name of “making the world better”. So she grows up, and tries to create a philosophy just the opposite of what she was abused by. But yet, her philosophy is no different at all. It’s the exact same philosophy that caused all her problems. It’s the philosophy of individualism where the strong individuals are given total freedom to abuse the weak individuals.

A society based on the rule of the strong is a not a society. It’s a dictatorship.

Some falsely believe that capitalism allows us to compete “fairly” with each other since no trades happen by coercion. But capitalism is anything but fair. It’s foundation on private property is a foundation of coercion by those that own the natural resources of the planet against those that do not. Even the very choice to pick who you trade with is an act of coercion against those you refuse to trade with. If I choose not to hire any minority workers then that’s free trade capitalism and it makes “me” feel good becuase I’m not forced to hire someone I don’t want to hire.. But it’s also anything but fair when the effect becomes systemic across the society and we find entire groups of people being abused by the net effects of favoritism across society.

The worse form of discrimination in capitalism is against the poor in general — of all races and creeds. The rich tend to have a natural bias to only do business with other rich people and to avoid the poor. Likewise, the poor tend to not trust the rich, and prefer to do business with other poor people. This creates a advantage in a capitalistic society in favor of anyone born rich, and a natural handicap against anyone born poor.

Our society as it’s set up, naturally abuses people. Ayn Rand was created by being abused, and has fostered the view, that the best way to cope with abuse, is to be MORE abusive yourself towards others.

And now, in America, there is a growing effect of the more people themselves are being abused by our society, the more they support the same nonsense that Ayn Rand spouts, by arguing the solution is to add more abuse to society, not less.

The entire direction this is going is just amazingly stupid. You can’t fix these problems, by becoming more divide, more selfish and more greedy as a society. But that is what people are choosing to support as they follow an abused child down this rabbit hole.

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