Voter ID — A Misplaced Priority

At  , Aaron Hart says:

Aaron Hart I can’t believe how many people have bought into  the voter ID BS. Look at the states it’s being implemented in, and the kinds of ID accepted: primarily red states, or states with republican governors, and they generally don’t accept student ID’s, but they do accept concealed carry licenses. This is a blatant attempt to disenfranchise a specific voting block. And they have so many people who’ve just swallowed all the rhetoric and propaganda about voter fraud to such an extent that they actually believe THAT is the most important change that needs to be made to our election process. Not citizens united , not lobbyists, not gerrymandering, not unlimited corporate money buying our elections, not voting machines being purchased by a candidate’s family members, their corporate puppet masters, or by themselves personally. Nope, none of that. We gots to make sher them ileegals don’t vote fer no democrat who goan giv’em welfer and food stayamps. Yeah, we have such a problem with people voting multiple times, voting while illegal, or voting while dead, that’s it’s swinging national elections. That must be it, because there’s no way Obama could’ve won fairly. And as long as they don’t vote, the country will be great again.It has nothing to do with the fact that billionaires and corporations are buying our elections. Nope, not at all. Because we all know the corporate overlords have all our best interests at heart.Look what the GOP governors have been doing in the last few elections; they’ve been reducing the number of polling places and eliminating early voting in minority areas and in other democratic strongholds, in order to increase wait times to as long as 10 hours and reduce people’s opportunity to vote. Then you get up there, and realize your ID had your old address, so you can’t vote. Or it’s your married name, and you were registered in your maiden name, so you can’t vote. Or your polling place was eliminated and you stood in line for 5 hours only to realize your at the wrong place, and you can’t vote. And many of these people can’t afford to take time off to vote, let alone money or time to buy an ID. They are trying to SILENCE people’s vote, and so many of you are okay with it. So much for democracy
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