Common Cause for Democracy

Comrade “Time To ResDem” (Time to Restore Democracy) posed the following question on Facebook:

Why is the issue of money in politics important to you? Do you feel that this topic is partisan, or that it resides predominantly on one side of the political spectrum? Could the systemic failure of government to be accountable to We the People help bridge the gap among those of many different political ideologies?

I replied:

Money in politics creates a conflict of interest. Interests that are alien to the public interest, can and do buy the “Democratic” and “Republican” Parties (their terms for themselves, which I don’t agree with) and the Senators and Representatives who belong to those parties, except perhaps for Bernie Sanders. This conflict of interest leads to Orwellian continuous war, torture, and the quick destruction of the environment. As to potential opposition to that system of conflict of interest, the 2012 presidential election brought out candidates that we can see as the foci of such distinct economic ideologies as those held by the Libertarians and Constitutionalists on the right and the Greens on the left. Socialists were also vocal although none of them brought forth a candidate who could constitutionally and mathematically be elected. People with different ideas about the role of government in the economy but with a common dedication to small-d democracy and opposition to aggressive war, have plenty of reason to make common cause to institute democracy, launch a peace and reconciliation commission to hold the warriors and torturers responsible for their crimes, and bring science and engineering to bear to find the best solutions for a sustainable environment and long life for humankind.

A non-partisan group about democracy for central North America:


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