Summary of My Political Position

I am very concerned about:

1. US officials engaging in aggressive war and getting away with it,

2. US officials engaging in torture and getting away with it.

3. The destruction of the environment for human life.

Those are my primary political concerns.

My primary concerns lead to a secondary concern. How can I effectively advocate for changes in policy if my listeners believe they have no political power? I believe I cannot. Therefore, I find it politically necessary to advocate for the establishment of democracy in central North America (which is where I live). And I call on all readers who live in the region to join in the fight for democracy.

A number of comrades have pointed out, and continue to point out, some of the mechanisms whereby the ruling class in central North America prevents the general public from taking power over the government. Often these comrades emphasize the issue of money in politics. There are many, many posts on Facebook about that concern. And I agree, that is part of the problem.

However, I say the linchpin tools of the anti-democratic political forces in central North America (cNA) are:

1. Fraudulent inaccurate vote-counting, and,

2. Only allowing us to vote for one candidate.

I contend that in order to establish democracy in cNA, we, the people, must make the following our _linchpin tools_ of democracy, and put them in place at the highest priority:

1. Accurate vote counting, and

2. Approval Voting (at least). Under Approval Voting, each voter can vote each candidate up or down. The candidate who receives the highest count of Up votes wins. Note that under the current system, the voter can give at most one Up vote and must, in effect, vote all other candidates Down. The current system allows the major parties to play Good Cop, Bad Cop, and convince everyone they have only two choices. It takes Approval Voting to get rid of both cops.

All the above considerations lead to the question of how to take power, since currently the general public is not in power, and can’t install Approval Voting and accurate vote tallying with merely the wave of its collective hand.

So far as I can see at the moment, the shortest path to power seems to be through an Article-V convention to propose constitutional amendments. To become amendments, the proposals have to be ratified by 3/4 of the State legislatures. So, to exercise this path to power, we have to get many, many State legislators on the side of democracy. Perhaps there is hope of that, as democracy might boost democracy-friendly State legislators into higher positions.

If sufficient densities of the public in every State come on board for democracy and get organized, they should be able to elect friendly legislators to their respective State legislatures so we can get in power.

If someone has an idea of a shorter path to power than Article V and the State legislators, please lay it out (you might want to use TOR and post under a pseudonym).


I originally posted this symmary at

I post a link to here from after which these comments appear at the time of this copying and pasting:

  • Marxism Leninism likes this.
  • Marxism Leninism [wrote:] Indeed if all US voters were smart they vote for the green party in presidential elections. THIS COUNTRY IS DOOMED WITH PEOPLE WHO STILL LOVE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS
  • William Waugh [I replied:] I am in favor of Approval Voting so US voters could vote for _both_ the Green Party and the Justice Party. Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party had the strongest position of the 2012 US presidential candidates in regard to accountability for torture.
  •  William Waugh: Moreover, I think Rocky’s platform adhered more closely to the platform of the Green Party than the platform of Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s own candidate, adhered to the platform of the Green Party. Stein’s position as laid out on her web site is more Zionist than the Greens. The Green platform includes total and unconditional respect for Palestinian rights, but Stein proposed continued support for Zionism under conditions that she laid out (respect for human rights and so on).
  • William Waugh: Marxism Leninism, I absolutely agree with your last line above, “THIS COUNTRY IS DOOMED WITH PEOPLE WHO STILL LOVE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS”. In fact, I believe that the whole of humanity is doomed to early extinction precisely because of US support for the Repugnicrat parties, which are in fact terrorist organizations.
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1 Response to Summary of My Political Position

  1. I would add that corporate influence controls how our government performs, and that separating them from our government is of the highest priority

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