14th Amendment EQUALITY projects

Quoting Marcia Everett:

If every organization asks you to come to an event, and they are all on different days, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GO? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE between the environment, right to work for less, abortion, and voting rights? YOU CAN’T! we have to fight for them all TOGETHER, SIMULTANEOUSLY and the sooner the activist orgs. know that the better. so CITIZENS…. TELL THEM! let’s show up on the 14th and GROW!!!

Let’s have a “march” every 14th of the month. If the 14th is a weekday go to the legislators, if it’s on a weekend go to the community. Keep building until summer of 2014!!! 14th Amendment symbolizes equality under the law!!!


Whites should not have more rights than Blacks
Men should not have more rights than Women
Rich should not have more rights than Poor
Straights should not have more rights than Gays

1) Collective Bargaining
T-shirt: ORANGE
solution: Labor Union Rights Law
Organizations: AFL-CIO, LAWG, Fair Trade
2) Corporations are not Natural People
T-shirt: WHITE
solution: Equal Access Amendment (being written)
Organizations: ALEC
3) Voting Issues
T-shirt: GREEN
(solution): Bill of Rights for Voter Equality
Organizations: “third” parties, Ballot Access, B.O.R.D.C. activist org.
4) Non Profit Media
T-shirt: GREY
Organizations: Media Matters, FAIR, LINK-TV
5) Peace
T-Shirt: PINK
Organizations: Code Pink, WILPF
6) Sexual Orientation
T-shirt: Rainbow
solution: Equal Rights Amendment (does this include sexual orientation?)
Organizations: HRC, Equality NC, Get Equal
7) Separation of Church and State
T-shirt: PURPLE
solution: remove tax free? sanitize schools?
Organizations: Americans United, People for the American Way, Freedom From Religion
8) Environmental Concerns (Energy to Food)
T-shirt: LIGHT GREEN (glowing/neon)
solution: Natural Resources Amendment (stolen from Green Party)
Zero waste, MERF’s at every landfill, organic food, no GMO need a natural resources amendment.
Organizations: NRDC, Greenpeace, NC Conservationists,
9) Poverty
T-shirt: BLACK (bleak)
solution: employment?
Organizations: NAACP
10) Police/Court/Prison
11) Healthcare for All/Reproductive/Marijuana
solution: HR676/Right to Choose/Legalize it (“breath of life” law)
Organizations: Medicare For All, Planned Parenthood, American Cannabis Coalition, NORML
12) Educational reform
T-shirt: RED (their wearing red on Tuesdays already)
solution: Get religion out, teach the people’s history
13) Ethnic Equality/Affirmative Action
solution: reparations,
14) Immigration
T-shirt: BROWN
solution: Open Borders (perhaps with a capitalist twist?)
make whole procedure take only one year.


  • Every 14th of the month, we gather together at a predetermined location. We give a short speech on as many issues as possible. Then we engage the public and hand out information. The goal is to educat…
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