The Justice Party

The Justice Party advocates for accountability for torture by US officials. Jill Stein of the Greens did not match that strong anti-torture position. The only place her web site mentions “torture” at all is in connection with Bradley Manning. The Justice party also takes an anti-imperialist position, probably the strongest such position of the parties who had candidates on the ballots in a sufficient subset of the States of the US to have had the mathematical possibility of winning the presidential election of 2012. Some Socialist parties may have had more definite and more often repeated and more elaborated anti-imperialist positions, but they weren’t on that sufficiency of ballots. Stein of the Greens didn’t match the anti-imperialist position of the Justice Party either; she said that depending on conditions, the US should possibly continue to support the Zionist faction materially.

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4 Responses to The Justice Party

  1. dlw says:

    Trying to get the right platform for “the” third party is an exercise in futility.
    Let’s focus instead on moving the US towards a winner-doesn’t-take-all electoral system???
    One where neither major party can dominate and outsiders/minorities get more voice!

    Torture and unnecessary wars are a result of inadequate democracy and checks and balances. That’s what we need most, not the perfect 3rd party!

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