Some Cross-references in Facebook

The following groups in FB may have somewhat related purposes. If you jump in and write in one of them, please check its “About” blurb first; some of them have narrower foci than you might think just from their titles.

Politalk-Liberal,Conservative, Indie, Libertarian,socialist all are welcome

Leftists United Against Obama – the Drone Liberal

Equal Access Amendment project

Third Party Forum

Here are some suggestions for hygiene when using Facebook.

  • Use separate browser instances for Facebook and other browsing. If you carry Facebook cookies to a site that has a Facebook “Like” button, you can be tracked. If you don’t want to figure out how to use separate browsers (I touch on it below), then between using Facebook and browsing to another site, wipe out your cookies, at least the Facebook ones.
  • Use separate Facebook accounts for relating to friends and running “applications”.  If you run an “application” in the same Facebook account that knows your friends, you betray your friends to the “application” and it can abuse them.  I would never let an “application” see who my friends are.

If you are running Linux and Chrome, here’s an example of how to start a separate instance of Chrome (separate in the sense of having a separate file of cookies):

chromium-browser –enable-udd-profiles –user-data-dir=~/fb_pol

For the “~/fb_pol” part, substitute the pathname you want Chrome to use for the directory to hold your cookies and the rest of the browser state.

If you run Linux and prefer Firefox, start Firefox this way:

firefox -no-remote -ProfileManager

The commands on Microsoft are probably quite similar to the ones on Linux.  You may have to figure out where the program files are and invoke them with full pathname.  Also, pathname elements are separated with backslash instead of slash.

Other links: William Waugh (me) OccupyMARINES

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