“It’s Not OK to raise the white flag of surrender over the voting booth”…

Quotes from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74qcUZXJ16k:

We need to bring those troops home, all of them, from Afghanistan and from Iraq, retire the drones, and bring our troops back from the military bases in over a thousand bases in over 140 countries around the world.


So, one other quick comment, just so that you’re armed when you go into verbal combat here about why we actually need to vote with our votes, not just vote with our feet. We have so many collaborators out there in the movement for peace and justice and sustainability and in the climate movement, who’re all ready and pumped to go out and vote with our feet, to get arrested if we need to, to put our bodies on the line, but who are afraid to vote with their votes. One quick thing about that, you know, if you fail to vote with your vote, all the work you do outside of the voting booth will actually be crushed by the repression emanating from the voting booth.

It’s not OK to raise the white flag of surrender over the voting booth by voting for a corporate-sponsored candidate, because to vote for either of them gives a mandate for four more years of corporate rule. Your friends may think, ‘this is a reluctant vote; this is a lesser-evilism vote.’ You may think that, but that’s not how they’re [the Repugnicrats] going to use it. They’re going to use it as a mandate for four more years of war, empire, and the slippery slope, which is getting very slippery, into the police state. We have to stand up and lead the way forward, not with the politics of fear, but with the politics of courage.

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