Response to Mitt Romney

In a right-hand column on Fbook I see a message (paid I am sure) purporting to come from Mitt Romney.  It says “America” (he doesn’t specify South, Central, or North) “must continue to lead the world in how much we build, create and invent.”  I didn’t follow the link, but no one in Romney’s political faction (which also includes Obama) ever seems to explain how this kind of “how much” is to be measured.  They never talk about the limits on how much clean water and air are available, or of the other inputs to farming (land, phosphorus, ammonia, and so on).  The material basis of life is finite, but the natural tendency of people’s demand to use up those resources (especially Anglo-Saxon-looking people) is to grow exponentially or even faster.  Have you politicians a solution or two to offer for the human misery that is the certain consequence of demand exceeding supply?

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