SodaStream, Colonial Settler Company

I received this in the mail.  People should know which companies are involved in colonialism.  Of course the real solution is regime change so it wouldn’t be allowed.

Jewish Voice for Peace
Join Kick-off of New DC BDS Campaign Against SodaStream!

When: July 8, 2-4 pm
Where: In front of Columbia Heights Mall
at the Columbia Heights Metro Station on 14th St.
just north of intersection with Irving St.

Jewish Voice for Peace DC Metro Chapter is launching a new DC boycott campaign against SodaStream, a Swiss company that manufactures its beverage carbonating machine in Mishor Edumim, a settlement in the West Bank, on July 8th at the Columbia Heights Mall.

In large part, due to the success of the European SodaStream boycott campaign, SodaStream has moved to the U.S.  It’s making a splash in a huge number of DC stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Staples, and Target, all of which are located in the Columbia Heights Mall.  The mall is very popular in a high-traffic area so we expect to be able to garner lots of attention and hand out lots of “Boycott SodaStream” postcards to shoppers to deliver to store staff.  Our kick-off will feature live music with lyrics that highlight the need to end the occupation.

Come join us July 8th to take the ‘bubbles’ out of SodaStream!  For more information, contact or 301-518-0199.  Thank you for everything that you do to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel to support human rights, international law, and equality!
Shelley Fudge
Jewish Voice for Peace DC Metro Chapter

PS: Be sure to download our Campaign Goals, Strategy & Guidelines document.

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