Criticism of _Russia Today_

[on edit Fri Apr 20 14:07:18 UTC 2012]

I think US citizens could benefit from some “9/11 talk” and some “Bin Laden talk”.  Maybe such talk will wake some of them up to the lies they are being told by administration officials, congresscreatures, and the board members and officers of the large corporations.

[original post Apr 12, 2012 @ 3:12]

A correspondent on Facebook had this to say about Russia Today (RT):

When I watched, it was some sort of Obama-Wall Street-Big Oil conspiracy that not even the most paranoid American would believe.

They also seem to have dabbled in Bin Laden talk:

And 9/11 talk, as mentioned in this Economist piece saying it caters to “fans of weirdly constructed propaganda”:

A New Republic column identified it as part of a Russian PR campaign:

Finally, the Guardian — not exactly a Tory publication — takes a dim view of it …

… and identifies the harm when it comes to reporting on what Russia’s really up to:

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