Re: Jezebel: Meet Peta Lindsay, Your Young, Black, Female Presidential Candidate

The Party for Socialism and Liberation e-mails: . . .

> In a statement about why she’s
> interested in a political career,
> Lindsay writes:
> “Without a doubt, the capitalist
> electoral system is a sham. It is a
> rigged system to ensure the
> domination of the tiny ruling class of
> Wall Street bankers, corporations and
> big-business owners over the
> vast majority of people in the United
> States — the working class.”

No question.

The question is, what is the shortest route to defeating the rigged system to a sufficient degree that we can stop the US wars. We can work on everything else once the shooting and bombing is stopped.

The president of the US has the authority to order the US-affiliated fighters (officers, enlisted, and contractors) to cease and desist shooting and bombing and return to base. If we took the presidency, we could stop the wars, even if we did not yet have Congress or the state legislatures.

I have heard a great deal of suspicion of (AE) on the grounds of AE’s having been founded by rich corporate figures, their use of and intersection with an astroturf firm that has worked with the corporatist parties, their insider committee that can vet candidates, and the secrecy of their deliberations. Nevertheless, the emergence on the scene of AE with their proposal to mediate a multistage, popular poll to nominate for the US presidency has introduced the idea of how, within the framework of the constitution and current statutes, it is feasible to defeat the prisoner’s dilemma that stands as one of the key aspects of the method by which the US electoral system and system of “representative” government (or we could say republicanism) are indeed rigged.

If we can convince vast numbers of US voters to participate in AE, then even if AE fails to honestly and competently mediate the discussions and polling they promise to mediate, the idea of creating an honest organization to fill that role will have so much currency in the minds of the US public that the door will be open to reforming the US into a more democratic republic and electing a president, and indeed federal and state legislators as well, who will stand against the corporate war machine and stop it in its tracks.

That is why I am supporting Roseanne Barr for president and not Peta Lindsay. Barr can be elected and can take office under the current rules. She represents the shortest path to stopping the wars.

— William Waugh

Adding on edit:

AE proposes multistage polling to nominate for the presidency. Multistage polling can defeat the “spoiler” argument. If a sufficient proportion of US voters participate at AE, then come general election time, there will be no reason to expect the Repugnicrats to win a plurality.  If vast numbers of voters have participated at AE, they will have the confidence to trust each other to vote AE in the general election.

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