Where Do The US Presidential Candidates Stand On Peace?

[Update Thu Apr 12 03:19:10 UTC 2012]

Kent Mesplay has given the correct[1] answers to my questions about Warren Peace.  So, my updated ranking of the candidates is Mesplay, Paul, Barr, Stein.

[1] “Correct” means “in accord with the values of the speaker” i. e. William Waugh in the case of this writing.  No one should call an opinion or practice she doesn’t agree with “politically correct”.

[Update Sat Feb 25 16:06:21 UTC 2012]

A tweet from Barr suggests that she doesn’t want to serve in office.  I have tried to question her about this on her blog, but have received no response to date.  So at the moment I guess the best answer is Ron Paul.

(Original post  February 14, 2012)

Until the US is forced to cease and desist the wars, no other issue matters. Where do the presidential candidates stand?

Roseanne Barr: would “outlaw” war. Seems to be the strongest peace candidate as of 2012-02-14.

Jill Stein: said she would have to think about it when asked how soon after getting into office she would put a stop to the shooting and bombing. However, Stein wants to reduce US annual rate of military expenditure to about half what it is.

Kent Mesplay: says nothing on his web site about how soon he would stop the wars.

Ron Paul: would continue the wars if Congress declares war, which there is no reason to think they wouldn’t if they knew that was what was required. And this is assuming we could trust Paul to do as he says.

Obama and the Republican candidates other than Ron Paul: unabashed representatives of empire, war, and torture.

I misspelled Barr’s name on AmericansElect.org. The staff refuses to remove my erroneous entry. Someone please start a draft committee for her under her actual name.

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