Not That Crazy

Trevor Garrett Allen · Seminole State College of Florida

I wonder if people put half as much time doing actual research on the topics they think they know about as they put into trolling the internet to tell people off about their views, we would have a better country. I mean I see people’s avatars comparing Obama (our democratically elected president) to Hitler and think, this person is crazy. Why would I take anything they have to say seriously?
  • William Waugh

    By comparing their foreign policies. Both sought military dominance over the world. In the case of Obama, the evidence for that is the US rate of annual military expenditure being approximately equal to the rest of the world combined. This constitutes prīmā faciē evidence of US intent to dominate militarily. As for “democratically elected”, the process could have been much more democratic with ranked voting and/or proportional representation. What kind of democratic elections are they when your only choice is between two candidates who work for the war contractors and if you try to go for anyone else you have to feel you are “splitting” the vote and allowing the greater of the evils to get in? I am angrier about this than I know how to express.
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  • William Waugh

    If you are about to tell me that expenditure is a Congressional matter and not a Presidential one, and so therefore not Obama’s fault at all, I counter that as commander of the military, Obama could have ordered the soldiers and contractors home. Since no bombs would be dropped at US public expense from that point, and much less fuel burned, the rate of expense would have been reduced; Obama could have done that with the power of his office. So angry.
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