[Original posting  December 15, 2011, which is to say 2011-12-15.]

10 minutes after taking the oath of office, while giving his inaugural speech, Obama could have ordered the military and their contractors and bombs and planes and ships, etc., to come straight back home.  He did not.  Next candidate!

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  1. Sue McGilloway · Volunteer Coordinator, Career Advisor, and Student Support Specialist at CCBC says on Facebook:

    Unfortunately, third party candidates are often those who have had little experience in politically driven environments. President Obama found out just how powerful politics can be when he was blocked by republicans upon attempting to enact real reform. Remember Hilary Clinton who attempted to enact healthcare reform and Jimmy Carter who attempted to execute real global change. Those who stand up for justice are the target of the greedy who are only committed to their own best interests.

    It is wonderful to expound lofty principles; however, who, if any, of the third party individuals would be able to do any better than President Obama within the politically charged boundaries of congress. Dismantling the two party system by adding another party only interjects another body susceptible to corruption and greed. It is not the two party system that is broken, it is the human element that taints it.
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    William Waugh
    AE makes the parties (first, second, third, and beyond) irrelevant.
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    William Waugh
    Sue McGilloway, Cynthia McKinney or Ron Paul would do better than Obama. Either of them would immediately order the warriors and bombs home, resulting in tremendous savings of resources that could then go to health care, food, housing, and clean water for US residents.

  2. “By signing this defense spending bill, President Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in U.S. law,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch.

[Still on edit 2011-12-19, after importing the above comments into this main body, I add the following remarks:]

The videos I refer to below indicate additional reasons to oppose Obama’s re-election:

Obama Didn’t “Cave”, Steadfastly Opposes Liberty

Analysis I agree with.  Video:

Video: Obama Directs “Verdict” on Manning

Ellsberg Calls Manning Hero

Video: Obama Administration Segregates Muslim Political Prisoners

[Edit 2011-12-21]

See also “Obama: A Disaster For Civil Liberties” at the Los Angeles Times.

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